Milan Senior Welfare Organisation

Milan means ‘rendezvous‘friendly meeting place’ – this name was chosen by our founding members when we were established in 1991 as a Senior Welfare Council in conjunction with Pilmeny Development Project and Lothian Racial Equality Council. The word ‘Milan’ is a common phrase between all languages of all four community we serve

Our vision: To develop and deliver provisions for 50+ older people from Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Mauritian Communities in Edinburgh & Lothian which meet their social, cultural, recreational, language and care needs. Milan currently provides services for older Asian people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Mauritius.

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We take great pride in working towards delivering a valuable and much needed service for the elderly South Asian communities in Edinburgh and Lothian. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require  information regarding our services on 0131 475 2307 or 0131 475 2319.

Milan is delighted to continue to provide alternative services detailed below until we reopen face to face services. We are thankful to our funders, partners and everyone who kindly donates on a regular basis to ensure our services continue to help the most vulnerable.

Urgent update: Coronavirus (COVID-19) social care response        ( applicable February 2020 to Sept 2021)

Please find the recent update regarding the decision taken by Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership which affects either you personally, a family member, or someone you care for. We want to reassure you that we are taking all available measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our service users and our carers. At this current time, based on what is known of COVID-19 and other similar respiratory viruses, it is likely that older people and those with chronic medical conditions may be more vulnerable.

Recent Scottish Government guidance recommended that long term care facilities be subject to ‘social distancing’ to reduce the risk of infecting residents and their carers. This includes social isolation in rooms and removing communal mealtimes wherever this is possible. The city of Edinburgh Council has therefore decided to suspend all of their own day centres and step-down commissioned day opportunities until further notice which includes Milan Senior Welfare Organisation. This means that as of 17th March 2020, if you, or someone you care for, regularly attends the day care provision will be affected as this will no longer continue. The Health and Social Care Team will review this decision regularly, as we learn more.

This will be a difficult time for many people and these are not decisions taken lightly however in the current evolving circumstances, we are struggling to justify bringing vulnerable people together. We cannot in good faith increase the potential risk of harm to you or your loved ones. For this reason, we are certain that you will understand and agree that this is the right decision to be taking just now, based on what we currently know.
Alternative arrangements are being made to ensure that you personally, or someone you care for, continues to receive the support needed to remain at home and they will be contacted to confirm what these arrangements are. This may include home visits, telephone contact arrangements or alternative arrangements to meet individual needs.
Our offices at Norton Park remain open with skeleton staff  with no access to the public. We know the importance of delivering our information/advice service especially in times of uncertainty and can offer home visits for urgent case work as well as phone appointments to replace face to face office appointments.

Carer Support Group update:

Taking into consideration the current Coronavirus situation from October 2020 and following guidance from authorities we are postponing badminton and other face to face activities with our carers support group until further notice.
Although we all loved badminton and wanted to continue the priority at this moment is staying healthy.   Preventions and slowing down the spread of this virus is paramount in keeping the most vulnerable people and their carers healthy and virus free at this point.
We want all to stay positive, help and be supportive to each other in hard times ahead, and hopefully all can recover back to normal soon.

We continue with our virtual sessions, we try to keep up to date with our programmes on our face-book page and activities section of this website. Please do not hesitate to contact our carers support worker – Rukhsana Ali on 0131 475 2319 for a chat or information if you are an unpaid carer.

Postcode Neighbourhood Trust Fund Announcement

Milan Senior Welfare Organisation are delighted to have received a very generous grant from the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust.  This grant-giving charity is funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.  The £20,000 award has enabled us to deliver health and wellbeing activities, carer’s support group activities as well as staff hours and keeping the organisations policies and systems up to date.

Up to date details of our activities can be found on our face-book page.

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