We are maintaining our services during the outbreak of COVID-19 and recommend to all our service users to follow the advice provided by the government and the NHS.

The majority of our staff are working from home to minimise spread of the virus. You can contact us on: 0131-475-2307, 0131-475-2447 or 0131-475- 2319. Please leave a message and one of our staff will get back to you.

With thanks to our staff and volunteers, we have managed to deliver food parcels and hot meals to the elderly and carers who are self-isolated. This is a difficult time for our communities with many people self-isolating and who have limited family support.

It is of key importance for organisations to work together and support one another at this specific time so that we can meet the needs of our communities, reducing gaps and achieve positive outcomes.

If you or anyone you know, needs our help and support at this difficult and uncertain time, please call 07835-333-978 or text FOOD PARCEL and someone will get back to you. Alternatively you can call the office too.