3 Days Ladies Only Summer Trip

Milan SWO is delighted to have organised a 3 days ladies only summer trip from Friday 21st of June – Sunday 23rd of June 2019.

This trip is designed to give primary and secondary carers a much needed break where they can relax and enjoy themselves; ensuring their mental health, which is often forgotten about, is also looked after.

Some of the activities included in this trip is a Lake District cruise, Stream Train Ride, and an Aquarium visit along with visiting various shopping centres, Bazaars, Markets, and Streets in Bradford and Birmingham along the way.

This trip is anticipated to be a very busy and enjoyable trip therefore anyone interested in booking a seat or for further information, please come into the Milan SWO office as a first come first booked system is in place to ensure it is kept equal and fair.

We look forward to seeing you on this trip!